The Physio Kinesis Drug Free Pain Pack is designed to provide you with a complete toolkit to manage your pain at home.  Many of our patients find that these products compliment the treatment process they are undergoing at the clinic and find they are able to reduce their reliance on medical pain relief.


The Pain Pack includes the follow:


Tens Machine

Ice pack

Wheat Bag

Aromatherapy Blend (bespoke to Customer)

Full instructions


We have selected some of the best products on the market and packaged them together to give you this exclusive drug free Pain Pack but the real benefit comes with the weath of experience and knowledge on how to put these tools to work.  Each Pain Pack will come with a comprehensive booklet outlining the the best ways to use the products to relive your pain. 


Physio Kinesis Pain Packs are designed for those currently or previously undergoing treament with our qualified physiotherapist, those who have not are urged to seek medical advice prior to using these products.




Pain Pack