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Three essential oils to get you through this summer

This time of year brings about all kinds of suffering for those who are affected by pollen, as it is Aromatherapy Awareness week we'd like to share with you some of the oils we use to combat the symptoms of Hayfever.

Lavender contains a large amount of Linalool which has been recognized as a calmer of the nervous system. Currently used in many night time and relaxation remedies it balances out your neuro-chemistry. As part of its action Lavender is a natural antihistamine so it is a perfect oil to use to naturally tackle those sniffles.

Lemon is a monoterpene containing Limonene which supports cellular function and acts as an anti-inflammatory for the respiratory system. This will help with wheeze and inflammation of the throat, it is also great for boosting your immunity. Limonene has been proven to inhibit the accumulation of toxins which combats the allergy inducing effects of pollen.

Peppermint is one of the oldest herbs used for medicinal purposes, it is a natural antibacterial and analgesic. This is attributed to the active compound menthol which is found in high concentrations in peppermint oil. Menthol is used in a wide variety of medicinal solutions such as cold/flu and digestive remedies. It can be helpful with blocked sinuses and stuffy nose.

These oils can be used individually but work best when combined in a blend and inhaled either through a room diffuser or alternatively a drop of each oil can be placed in your palm, agitated (rub your hand together!!) and inhaled.

This article is not meant as a substitute to medical advice, please contact your doctor should you feel unwell.


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