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Springtime is Gardening Time

Updated: May 3, 2018

Springtime is here and with it plenty of time outdoors in our gardens or allotments, digging and pruning or sprucing things up (when we're not relaxing and enjoying a drink that is). With these repetitive activities it is possible to develop joint pain in the thumb. Earlier in the season I'd shared about working on my allotment and having an old injury flare up causing a painful left thumb. Every time I gripped the spade handle or secateurs, the joint "gave way" and by the end of the day it was achey. Thankfully things are much better now having taken my own advice and I want to share this valuable information with you once again in case you missed it.

To give support and aid recovery I used some Kinesio tape strapping across the joint and exercised the thumb. The strapping is placed along the tendons, allowing exercise and movement with support. This helps the brain and joint to reconnect so movement is improved across the painful joint.

In the beginning, exercise with the strapping on so you know how it should "feel". When not gardening, practice "release motion".

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask, all the contact details are here on the website. I love hearing from you.


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